The total semi-annual cost of membership in Arcadia Toastmasters and Toastmasters International is approximately $60 (or $120 per year). This is remarkably affordable, especially considering that other professional development programs in public speaking can range in the hundreds to thousands of dollars for a single workshop or week-long course. Once you join Arcadia Toastmasters , we are confident that you will experience a value many times greater than your monetary investment.

Toastmasters International

  • If you are joining as a new Toastmaster, you will pay $20 to Toastmasters International for registration and your new member kit, which includes your speaking and leadership manuals.
    • If you are already an active Toastmaster (i.e. belong to multiple clubs or transferring between clubs), you will not pay this fee.
  • Toastmasters International charges all members semi-annual dues of $45. These are due on April 1 ($45) and October 1 ($45) of each year. Hence, the annual cost of membership is $90.
    • Your semi-annual dues will be prorated based on the month in which you join at a rate of US $7.50 per month. For example, if you joined in December, your semi-annual dues would be $30.
    • Note that this fee applies to existing Toastmasters. Semi-annual dues are paid for each club you join, since all clubs are assessed membership fees individually by Toastmasters International.

Arcadia Toastmasters

To ensure our livelihood, Arcadia Toastmasters charges club dues. These cover operational expenses, such as the meetings and room rental.

Current Club Dues for 6 months

  • $15 per member for Arcadia Chamber of Commerce Room Rental

Example Calculations

You’re a new member who joins in October.

  • Toastmasters International New Member Fee: $20
  • Toastmasters International Semi-Annual Dues: $45
  • Arcadia Toastmasters Club Dues : $15
  • California Sales Tax 1.50
  • Total Cost to Become a Member: $81.50

You’re an existing member in another club who joins Arcadia Toastmasters in October:

  • Toastmasters International New Member Fee: $0
  • Toastmasters International Semi-Annual Dues (Prorated): $45
  • Arcadia Toastmasters Club Dues : $15
  • Total Cost to Become a Member: $60

Note: All amounts on this page are in USD.